December 09, 2020

The Center for Multimodal Big Data Science is hosting a BisQue workshop on Feb 5-6 at UCSB. This workshop aims to bring together researchers in diverse science disciplines working with large multimodal image data, towards addressing common challenges in sharing, collaborating and developing computer vision/machine learning algorithms for information discovery.

Workshop Agenda

OCTOBER 1, 2015

The Center for Bio-Image Informatics, together with the iPlant Collaborative and recently established the Center for Multimodal Big Data Science and Healthcare, will be organizing a two day workshop on large scale image informatics for scientific applications, with an emphasis on bio-medical imaging. The workshop will be held at the UCSB campus on May 14-15. There will be a hands-on session with the BisQue Developers Team for module integration into Bisque. This workshop is supported in part by an NSF project and limited number of travel grants are available for graduate students, post-docs or early career researchers.

There will be a number of invited presentations on the workshop theme and also an opportunity for the participant to influence the future directions of image processing/analysis models for integration into the BisQue platform.

BisQue logo

New Features added to BisQue in 0.5.7 Release

Volume renderer: The integrated 5D image viewer in addition to large planar view and movie view is able to present volumetric imagery in 3D with no plug-ins required.

Feature Service: The feature service is designed for developers working with image analysis and machine learning by providing infrastructure for distributed computation of numerical feature descriptors. ​

Geo Image Support: This feature parses GeoTIFF metadata and enables the viewer UI to show geographical coordinates for orthorectified images. 

Several UI Updates, Improvements and Fixes: As usual we have made several UI improvements and fixes to improve speed and reliability.

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CBI is pleased to announce a new release of the BisQue system: 0.5.6. This release introduces a big update in the underlying system to support resource (images, packages, videos) composed of many files. This improvement allows BisQue to operate on images composed on many files in place, with no additional re-conversions. We can now support Tiff-Series and proprietary formats like Volocity and AndorIQ in-place. Insertion of such images has become much faster since we don't do any special processing on ingest. As usual we have some UI improvements and great new productivity features.

Introducing CellECT Cell Evolution Capturing Tool, a software package for the interactive segmentation and analysis of 3D+t microscopy volumes.

BisQue 0.5.5 released on May 9, 2014!

The Center for Bio-Image Informatics is very pleased to announce an exciting new release of the BisQue system: 0.5.5. There are many new features, improvements and fixes for everybody from end-users to administrators.