About & Members

The Center for Bio-image Informatics is an interdisciplinary research effort between Biology, Computer Science, Statistics, Multimedia and Engineering. The overarching goal of the center is the advancement of human knowledge of the complex biological processes which occur at both cellular and sub-cellular levels. To achieve this core objective, the center employs and develops cutting edge techniques in the fields of imaging, pattern recognition and data mining.

Our research also focuses on development of new information processing techniques which can afford us a better understanding of biological processes depicted in microscopy images of cells and tissues, specifically on the distributions of biological molecules within these samples. This is achieved by borrowing methods for information processing at the sensor level to enable high speed and super-resolution imaging. By applying pattern recognition and data mining methods to bio-molecular images, we can fully automate both the extraction of information and the construction of statistically-sound models of the processes depicted in those images. At the heart of the center's reseach is the BisQue system, an online repository for multidimensional bio-images, and testbed for new research techniques and methods.

Research Staff

Name Title Department
Dmitry Fedorov Specialist Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kristian Kvilekval Associate Researcher Electrical & Computer Engineering
Christian Lang Specialist Electrical & Computer Engineering


Name Department Advisor
Utkarsh Gaur Computer Science B.S. Manjunath
Po-Yu Kao Electrical and Computer Engineering B.S. Manjunath

Alumni and Past Members

Name Affiliation
Sanjoy Banerjee The City University of New York (CUNY)
Stuart Feinstein Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Arunava Majumdar Stanford University
Leslie Wilson UC Santa Barbara, MCDB Dept.
Name Affiliation
Altinok Alphan CalTech
Luca Bertelli Google
Arnab Bhattacharya ITT, Kanpur
Laura Boucheron New Mexico State University
Jiyun Byun Epic Sciences, San Diego
Tolga Can METHU, Turkey
Diana Delibatov Google
Samuel Frame Cal Poly
Pratim Ghosh Microsoft
Vignesh Jagadeesh Apple
Swaroop Jagadish LinkedIn
Sumanth Jagannath Yahoo!
Aruna Jammalamadaka Social Intelligence Corporation, Santa Barbara
S. Karthikeyan Synaptics
Pradeep Koulgi Cognex Corporation
Thomas Kuo Ecolek / Snapwire
Nick Larusso FindTheBest
Vebjorn Ljosa Broad Institute
Li Mary --
Neha Mittal Amazon Web Services
Mandar Mutalikdesai --
Austin Peck --
Sayan Ranu Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Brian Rutenberg Charles River Analytics
Motaz El Saban Microsoft, Cairo
Renuka Shenoy Electrical & Computer Engineering
Min-Chin Shih MediaTek, USA
Aleem Siddiqi --
Vishwakarma Singh Oracle
Baris Sumengen Google
Joshi Swapna Theranos, Inc.
Nhat Vu Jawbone
JieJun Xu Hughes Research Laboratories (HRL)
Research Staff
Name Affiliation
Chris Banna UC Santa Barbara, MCDB Dept.
Zhiqiang Bi Yahoo!
John Delaney Electrical & Computer Engineering
Elisa Drelie Gelasca Ab Initio
John O'Donovan UC Santa Barbara
Boguslaw Obara University of Durham, UK
Baris Sumengen Google
Mark Verardo Allergan
Christopher Wheat Electrical & Computer Engineering
Julian Yarkony Experian