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New Year - New BisQue: 0.5.7 Release

New Features added to BisQue in 0.5.7 Release

  1. Volume renderer: The integrated 5D image viewer in addition to large planar view and movie view is able to present volumetric imagery in 3D with no plug-ins required! The brand new 3D volume renderer uses WebGL and operates on 5D imagery. It offers full channel fusion, intensity enhancements and editable transfer function with several presets. In addition it's possible to export screenshots and full videos with a predefined path right from your web browser. 
  2. Feature Service: The feature service is designed for developers working with image analysis and machine learning by providing infrastructure for distributed computation of numerical feature descriptors. The initial release version packs 100+ commonly used descriptors including MPEG7, OpenCV, Mahotas and WNDCHARM. The descriptor list includes HTD, SURF, CSD, etc.

    The Botanicam image recognition application was reengineered to utilize the feature service and serves as a great example of how to use it.

    See more:
  3. Geo Image Support: This feature parses GeoTIFF metadata and enables the viewer UI to show geographical coordinates for orthorectified images. This also allows to export BisQue graphical annotations in KML format for visualization with Google Earth and for spatial analysis with external tools.
  4. Several UI Updates, Improvements and Fixes: As usual we have made several UI improvements and fixes to improve speed and reliability.

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