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BisQue 0.5.6 released

CBI is pleased to announce a new release of the BisQue system: 0.5.6. This release introduces a big update in the underlying system to support resource (images, packages, videos) composed of many files. This improvement allows BisQue to operate on images composed on many files in place, with no additional re-conversions. We can now support Tiff-Series and proprietary formats like Volocity and AndorIQ in-place. Insertion of such images has become much faster since we don't do any special processing on ingest. As usual we have some UI improvements and great new productivity features.

Base system

Support for all Multi-File/Multi-Image formats: Image service support for all types: 5D multi-file series (e.g. TIFF series), proprietary multi-file packages supporting multi-image contents, proprietary single file packages with multiple images, Import support via zip files and user-defined contents, Export support via export service with multi-file resources packaged and streamed

Support for authenticated Stores: this allows BisQue to access data storage facilities with user provided credentials. Today this enables access to private samba shares, irods, and others!

Updated image decoders: ImarisConvert, Bioformats

Document renderer plug-in infrastructure: allows insertion of javascript and python plugin code for rendering and type recognition for resource types

User interface

Image viewer improvements:

5D tile caching for much faster/smoother image visualization

various projections for graphical annotations

projection tolerance - to keep annotation visible in a few planes around its location

graphical annotations use colors attached as annotations

New tree organizer:

Organizing documents is easier with a tree organizer that shows textual and graphical annotations and allows sorting and filtering operations.