Introducing CellECT Software for Interactive Segmentation of 5D Datasets

We introduce CellECT Cell Evolution Capturing Tool, a software package for the interactive segmentation and analysis of 3D+t microscopy volumes. CellECT enables users to interactively segment microscopy time series of volumes of membrane (and nuclei) channel datasets. The software includes an adaptive cellness metric which highlights regions of uncertainty in the segmentation. This metric learns from the user feedback and from each specific dataset and guides the user towards problematic regions. Additionally, CellECT provides an analysis module which computes shape analysis statistics over time and clusters similar cells into tissues. CellECT can import nuclei detected with a of a nuclei detection algorithm such as such as (Fick, 2013) available on the Bisque bio-image analysis platform.

CellECT is free, open-source and available for public download at