BisQue 0.5.8 is out!

OCTOBER 1, 2015

The 0.5.8 release contains major improvements on the backend servers including the data, import and image services. Image Service is highly optimized, with improved support for third party decoders (including ImarisConvert and BioFormats) as well as a new native support for virtually unlimited image sizes. Additionally, native DICOM support for image decoding, grouping and metadata extraction has been added. User interface has great new features including new graphical annotator. The 3D volume renderer has been optimized for very large 3-5D images and offers faster rendering speeds.  The new administrative panel allows users and administrator to easily register and unregister analysis modules, manage user accounts and edit preferences. This release makes it possible to correct image geometry, pixel resolution and channel information after upload with Image Calibration widget. Overlay editor allows custom object-level homographic transformation of the overlay grid in order to fit the region of interest. Finally, we have added export of graphical annotations as GeoJson and KML for datasets and images containing GeoTIFF metadata.